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Brand Content Studios Podcast Production

Podcast production: ears are waiting

Your enthusiasm adds an authoritative air to the topic, something the written word can’t express. Regular podcasts with sound information and good ideas helps establish your brand as market leaders.

40% of Americans 54 or younger listen to podcasts monthly. Habitual fans listen to 7 a week. 93% of podcast fans listen to most of an episode. 54% of listeners are more likely to consider buying an advertised product.

Hm, sounds like a content marketing channel you might want.

Omitting the audio format is just unsustainable given the rising numbers using it to get info on their topics of interest. Plus podcasts play a role in search via show notes and transcripts. It’s not a gap you’d want to leave hanging open very long.




what’s your show?

Some brands are reluctant to start a podcast because they worry about their ability to keep it going once launched and maintain quality. Brand Content Studios runs the show for you, so episodes go out like clockwork with no added pressure on your brand team. Or perhaps you already have a podcast you’re struggling to maintain. Don’t shut it down or let it languish, you can put it in our hands.



Expands your brand awareness and thought leadership reach into this booming medium

Fills a channel gap in your content strategy

Offers content from your brand at a steady cadence – the only way to build a trusting audience over time

Hearing the voices of your people humanizes the brand and creates closer connections

Opportunities to scale podcast content into blog and social posts

An effective, contemporary way to get key messaging to external and/or employee audiences





How we do it

We’re such big freakin’ podcast fans, we want this to be very do-able for you.

  • We clear up uncertainty around whether you should have a podcast for external or internal communication as one of your distribution channels
  • We arrive at a creative show format and how the podcast will address business goal(s)
  • We walk through the ease and modest investment required to do quality podcast production
  • We provide the equipment and functions (host account setup, show graphics, producing, hosting, editing, prepping for publication and publishing)
  • We keep the work required from your team to a minimum
  • You can have us run your show with you, or simply be the title sponsor of a show that’s relevant for your target that we publish under our brand
  • We match your brand’s voice, tone and personality 
  • We bring experience in journalism, network radio, broadcast radio, entertainment, and brand podcasts to make your episodes compelling and valued
  • Nothing gets published that hasn’t been approved

“There’s a level of dedication from podcast listeners you don’t otherwise find. Now the numbers prove it. Podcasts aren’t a bubble, they’re a boom – and that boom is only getting louder.” – Wired





Ready to rock the mic? Having a podcast production is easier and more cost effective than you might think. Reach out to us and let’s get you started.