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Content marketing writer and creator

Content marketing writer and Producer: For Humans

No one has ever done anything that they weren’t emotionally moved in some way, positive or negative, to do it.


Nobody expects you to crank out award-winning content like big shot Hollywood producers, writers or directors. Even those guys rarely get a hit.

But won’t it be nice having go-to idea people; journalists and entertainers, in your arsenal?

Prolific, fast (but not rushed), imaginative, clear, correct, engaging, experienced, reliable. Any of that sound good?

We do ideas, we write whatever needs to be written, for internal or external audiences, and we can then lead production of that content if desired. Simplified and human wins every time.

what’s your show?

We approach every writing and content creation task as if we were staging a show for your target audience. Assets that other writers might do on auto-pilot get our obsessive creative touch, so that all your content has a shot at making a real impact. Start small. Try one project with us. That’s usually all it takes.


the Track Record

Seriously, this Stiles guy has done some stuff.

  • Content strategy and creation for little unknown clients like Delta, P&G, AAA, WestRock, UCB, Equifax.
  • Manager, Enterprise Content Strategy for IHG. Content marketing writer and creator
  • Content Lead, blogger, podcast creator and producer, Oracle Social Cloud
  • Nominated for Best Writing Indy Soap Award for branded web drama series “High Rise”
  • Author: “Showtime: Brands as Content Producers”
  • Co-founder, producer, writer, performer and video director of live Atlanta sketch comedy troupe Sketchworks
  • Producer, writer and performer of “Notorious D-A-D” CD
  • Executive Producer of radio’s Daily Comedy Network.
  • Radio morning show host in markets including Raleigh, Austin, Cincinnati and Atlanta.
  • Web copywriter for websites of comedians Jeff Foxworthy and Craig Shoemaker
  • TV News anchor, reporter and producer in Columbia and Greenville, SC.
  • It goes on; this is getting obnoxious


“Mike is one of the most effective communicators I know. He could so effectively communicate our voice and character through any channel. If Mike were to have one “weakness,” he makes it look too easy. Any brand would be lucky having Mike’s help.”
– Angela Wells, Oracle

“Some people have so much talent, you wonder how they can contain themselves. I’m one of his many fans and wholeheartedly suggest you join the club.” -Suzan Satterfield, Picture Window Productions

Mike Stiles is one of the most talented men on the planet.Hands down. His ability to brainstorm strategic and innovative business ideas makes Mike very successful.” -Jeffrey Umberger, The Umberger Agency

“Mike is one of the most creative people I’ve ever worked with and never rests on his laurels.” -David Coleman, Award Winning Keynote Speaker