It’s crowded and noisy out there. A ton of brands just like you want attention and action from their audiences. So how can you possibly get people to consume your content regularly? How do you attract, hold, build and activate a trusting audience?

You put on a great show. Today, the only way to communicate, externally or even internally, is with worthwhile content that’s entertaining or engaging enough people will choose it over other things they could watch, listen to or read. A journalist, showman and strategist can make a REAL difference. That’s Mike Stiles. 

Stiles is a very nice-to-have, go-to secret weapon. Headaches go away. Life gets easier. Bosses get happier. Below are his areas of passion (minus going to Disney World) and the ways he loves helping. Tap away and let’s start talking sooner rather than later.  


Blank page. Blank screen. Blank minds. Scary to a lot of people, but Stiles loves it.


Stiles has been a top ranked radio morning show in several cities and has run a national radio network. So you can see why this booming content channel is the perfect storm of his traditional media and content marketing experience.

Content Strategy

People talk about it a LOT. But just what is it? Let Stiles simplify it for you and get you out of guesswork and content chaos.